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Appliance Discounts

Appliance Sales, Parts & Repairs Appliance discounts supply and sell new appliance's including washing machine oven cooker fridge dishwasher etc we also repair appliance's and supply parts

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@appdisc Jun 06, 16:55

Powered by just added to the new website to answer our customers questions live online at www.discountappliancespares.con

@appdisc May 03, 17:44

our new website is now up and running check it out at

@appdisc Apr 28, 17:37

Check out the new website its now up and running and ready to go

@appdisc Apr 07, 20:30

The new website with the brand new layout is now live check it out

@appdisc Mar 30, 12:26

This April Special offers on Dishwasher Door Handles 20% off all Month

@appdisc Oct 26, 12:27

Special Offers This Week Cooker hood charcoal filters from £9.90 foe two 100s in stock and can be bought online...

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@appdisc Oct 13, 12:50

Latest new stock vestel,bush,swan,washing machine door lock now available from stock £8.99

@appdisc Oct 10, 17:10

Special Offer at the retail and trade counter this week Vacuum belts 1000s in stock from £3.50 pack of two...

@appdisc Oct 05, 17:07

Ebay items reach 3000+ this months special offers kettle filters from £3.99

@appdisc Oct 05, 16:39

Ebay items reach 3,000+ this weeks special offers include kettle filters starting from £3.99

@appdisc Sep 01, 16:12

This months special offer 15% off all oven grill elements call 0113 3450082 for details

@appdisc Aug 24, 17:28

Special Offers This Week on all Fan Oven Elements One Price For All £8.90 all in Also New Items Available Steam Mop Cloths Various Prices

@appdisc Aug 01, 12:48

Discount Dog via @YouTube

@appdisc Jun 24, 12:58

Special offers on these at the moment 10% off

@appdisc May 07, 17:17

our Dedicated Warehouse is now open after alterations to make it bigger

@appdisc May 07, 17:01

Our Dedicated Warehouse is now back up and running after alterations to make it bigger #loadsastock

@appdisc Apr 26, 16:45

check this out guys

@appdisc Mar 02, 10:44

Check out the latest products in our online store: / @ShopifyPicks #shopifypicks

@appdisc Feb 29, 13:41

Hey you guys, I just opened a new store on Bonanza. Please help me get the word out by sharing this with your...

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Check out the latest products in our online store: / @ShopifyPicks #shopifypicks

@appdisc Feb 02, 17:17

Check out the latest products in our online store: / @ShopifyPicks #shopifypicks

@appdisc Jan 15, 17:09

The Ebay store now reaches 2.220 items and counting Visit my eBay Shop: #fastdelivery

@appdisc Aug 22, 12:09 Parts Available on ebay now 1,500 We offer free delivery on...

@appdisc Jun 29, 15:22

@JeremyClarkson cant believe its over so much fun and laughter many thanks for your commitment to the program #sadly missed

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Check out this app built with @Appsmecom!

@appdisc May 12, 14:33

The New App Is Now Available For Download

@appdisc May 12, 14:33

Discount Appliance Spares - Download the app now

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The Discount Appliance Spares App is now live take advantage now